Actual Articles

Even though the news media isn't fake per se, it doesn't always get things right either! Here are some cringeworthy examples :

Sent To The Printers Too Soon

In the 2016 United States presidential election, the magazine Newsweek printed a special edition with the title "Madam President" (with Clinton's face on the cover) and sent them to stores. Following Donald Trump's upset victory, they had to recall those copies.


Best Of Fox News

Trump Cuts U.S. Aid To 3 "Mexican" Countries

Source: NBC News

Fox News: Civil Rights Tragedies May Translate In Stock Market Gains!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter (yeah, that's for real)

Source: Politifact and Twitter (needless to say, the idea that a president will get to tell people what to eat is a blatant lie).

Anti-Soviet Warrior Puts His Army On The Road To Peace

Source: Twitter

To say Alex Trebek's Jeopardy premiere was poorly reviewed is an understatement!

Titanic Sinking; No Lives Lost

Source: Wikimedia

Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes: The Next Steve Jobs

Sources: Amazon seller (see also)

Hitler Tamed By Prison (1924)

Sources: New York Times, Washington Post

Berlin Views Hitler Calmly (1933)


Uber Creep Jeffrey Epstein Is Ready To Mingle


Cosby Fact: He was once the most admired man in America!

Source: Twitter

"Here Are Precautions I Take To Guard My Kids From Kidnappers And Child Abusers", By Bill Cosby


Batteries In The Fireplace


Asbestos Shoveling Contest

Source: Reddit

Heroin As Over-The-Counter & Non-Addictive Cold Relief

Note: "Recommended as a safe and non-addictive cure for morphine addiction" is worst than another poorly-aged ad slogan: "More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette".


World War Averted!

Source: Associated Press, 1914 (via Forbes)